CR Fashion Book Best New Beauty To Shop This Fall

CR Fashion Book: The Best New Beauty To Shop This Fall

What would it smell like if you bottled up Lana Del Rey, Chateau Marmont, and the Laurel Canyon at dawn?

According to CR Fashion Book, the answer is Perfumehead, the debut fragrance collection by Daniel Patrick Giles and a top pick for the magazine's 'Best New Beauty To Shop This Fall' list.

Inspired by The Osmocosm of Los Angeles (osmo = smell and cosmo = universe), the seven hand-poured extrait de parfum that make up the collection are "... some of the most unique scents you’ve ever sniffed."

“Their bestseller (rightfully so) is Cosmic Cowboy, a velvety scent which takes inspiration from the Whiskey A Go Go and The Sunset Strip in the ’70s. The scent envelops you with cinnamon, Tuscan leather, tobacco leaf, and black musk, leaving a base note of cozy amber as it blends with the chemistry of the skin. As addictive as its inspirations, Perfumehead is reinventing luxe perfume one osmocsm at a time.”

To read the full article, visit CR Fashion Book.

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