Where can I purchase Perfumehead fragrances?

Perfumehead’s debut collection of seven extraits de parfums, in traditional perfumers' bottles, can be purchased exclusively at Violet Grey, either in person at the Melrose Place Store (8452 Melrose Place, Los Angeles) or online at violetgrey.com, or by contacting one of the in-store Beauty Editors at orders@violetgrey.com or calling 323.782.9700.

Perfumehead fragrances are also available in our signature spray bottle at the Bergdorf Goodman flagship store in New York City and online at bergdorfgoodman.com, or at Neiman Marcus Fashion Island and for pre-order online at neimanmarcus.com

Do you have samples available?

Samples are available in-store at Violet Grey, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus Fashion Island. You can also contact Customer Service to request a sample. 

Where can I purchase a Discovery Kit?

Our Los Angeles Collection will be available as a Discovery Kit exclusively from our website in late April 2023. Please sign-up to our newsletter to get advance notice of the launch. Quantities will be limited to 500 pieces. 

Tell me about your collection

Our debut collection is an ode to Los Angeles, home and creative muse to Perfumehead Founder Daniel Patrick Giles. Composed by a team of French master perfumers, the collection is a curation of places, scents and scenes that author a unique portrait of Los Angeles. Each parfum is a pure expression of luxury – rich, concentrated, and handcrafted from the world’s finest essential oils, natural extracts and safe synthetics.

What is an 'extrait de parfum'?

Extrait de parfum (pronounced éks-trè du par-fin) is the most luxurious of all perfume types. Crafted with rare and/or natural ingredients, they contain many different notes and have a distinct opening and development that deepens and mellows over time. Parfums are recognized by their longevity, strong projection, and lingering sillage (or trail). 

Tell me more about your formulations.

Perfumehead’s seven extraits de parfums are formulated in batches of 50 then hand-poured, bottled and sealed in a traditional glass perfumers' bottle. Each perfume is hand labelled and numbered before being packaged.

How much parfum should I apply?

Extrait de parfum contains a high concentration of essential oils. One to two dabs to pulse points with the bottle stopper, or a single spray in a V-shape, should be sufficient for day or evening wear. For best results, apply on warm, clean skin. The warmth will help the scent to develop. Never rub perfume that has been applied to a pulse point as this can cause the top notes to fade and evaporate before they settle. 

How do I store my parfum?

Your extrait de parfum should be kept in a cool, dark, dry place, preferably inside the box it came in or nestled away inside a bedroom dresser or vanity. Some extrait de parfum continue to macerate (the process whereby the alcohol in the perfume evaporates) after purchase therefore it is doubly important to keep the bottle in the box. Avoid storing perfume in your bathroom.

Are your fragrances gender neutral?

Yes, we strongly believe in creating fragrances for the wearer — not the gender.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We source our ingredients from around the world. Our concentrated perfume oil is crafted from the finest essential oils, natural extracts and safe synthetics.

Are your fragrances vegan?

Yes, our fragrances are vegan as well as IFRA certified and CREDO and Sephora compliant.