Where can I purchase Perfumehead fragrances?

Perfumehead is available at select retailers in the United States, including Bergdorf Goodman's flagship store in New York City and online at bergdorfgoodman.com.

The exclusive retail partner for our perfumer's bottle is Violet Grey. Shop in person at the Melrose Place Store (8452 Melrose Place, Los Angeles), online at violetgrey.com, or by contacting one of the in-store Beauty Editors at 323.782.9700.

Do you have samples available?

Samples are available in-store at Violet Grey and Bergdorf Goodman. You can also contact Customer Service to request a sample.

Where and when can I purchase a Discovery Set?

The Perfumehead Discovery Set — Los Angeles Osmocosm will be available by invitation only beginning mid-June. This is a product drop with limited quantities. Please sign-up to our email list or contact shop@perfumehead.com to get your link and code.

Tell me more about your Discovery Set.

Our debut Discovery Set is an ode to Los Angeles, the home and creative muse to Perfumehead Founder Daniel Patrick Giles. It includes 5ml samples of each of the seven extraits de parfum in our Los Angeles Osmocosm Collection. 

What is an extrait de parfum?

Extraits de parfums (pronounced éks-trè du par-fin, the s is silent) are the most luxurious perfumes — a pure expression of refined, olfactory luxury. Handcrafted by French masters from the world’s finest essential oils, natural extracts, and safe synthetics, our parfums are complex with a distinct opening and development that deepens and mellows over time.

Where do you source your ingredients?

We source our ingredients from around the world and include such rare ingredients as ambrette seed, cardamon, musk, orris butter, saffron, tonka bean, and vetiver.

How long is your maceration process?

Each of our fragrances macerates for a minimum of four to six weeks. This extended maceration period allows the ingredients to interact, creating a more complex and powerful aroma. During the maceration process, the essential oils are mixed with alcohol made from 100% natural, sustainably grown sugar cane.

How long does your fragrance last?

Extraits de parfums have above-average longevity due to their high concentration of essential oils. They also have a strong projection and leave a lingering sillage (or trail). For best results, apply your parfum on warm, clean skin. The warmth will help the scent to develop. Never rub perfume that has been applied to a pulse point, as this can cause the top notes to fade and evaporate before they settle.

How much should I apply?

Our Cloud Mist atomizer delivers an elevated user experience that releases and diffuses fragrance softly onto the skin. A single spray in a V-shape should be sufficient for day to evening wear. You may want to reapply if you prefer a stronger projection and sillage.

How do I store my parfum?

Your extrait de parfum should be kept in a cool, dark, dry place, preferably inside the box or inside a bedroom dresser or vanity. Some extrait de parfum continue to macerate (the process whereby the alcohol in the perfume evaporates) after purchase; therefore it is doubly important to keep the bottle in the box. Avoid storing perfume in your bathroom.

Are your fragrances gender-neutral?

Yes, we strongly believe in creating fragrances for the wearer — not the gender.

Are your fragrances vegan?

Yes, our fragrances are vegan, IFRA-certified, and CREDO and Sephora-compliant.